Upload Area
Please follow our guidelines:
Collect indiviual files into an archive (like ZIP). Compress your data to reduce its size. Name the individual files with a number that reflects the order in which it should be processed or cut. Name your archive in a way that allows us to link it to you.

The songs "sonata.wav" , "tarantella.wav" and "concerto.wav" should be named "1sonata.wav", "2concerto.wav" and "3tarantella.wav" if you wish those files to be cut in this order. You should then create a zip file and give it a unique name - e.g. "" if "stephenson" is your name.

Maximum upload size is limited to 100 Mbyte. If you have to send more data, please split into several uploads.
Are you a human? Please answer the following question: Name the famous big band leader who's name starts with 'Glenn' .. ?
Legalese: By uploading any data or audio, you confirm that you have the legal right to reproduce, distribute and play the data or audio, that the recordings we provide to you are for home or non-commercial use only, and that you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Rollofone Services LLC, its managers, officers and employees from any claims, demands, attorney’s fees or causes of action which may be brought by third parties, other than you, because of the services or products we provide for you.