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Convert and transfer media into a different format or media. Get your tapes, cassette tapes, eight-tracks or CDs converted into a digital format OR transfer your favorite songs on to a vintage medium. This is a plain conversion only, we will not apply any equalizing, editing or mastering unless required to transfer sound to the requested medium. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

Price does not include shipping or required (blank) media.

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We maintain a variety of vintage player and recording units to be able to convert and/or transfer audio. Want to transfer you favorite 8-track tape on to a CD? We can do that. Copy a CD to cassette tape? No problem. Still have a few home recorded or “Voice-o-graphs”  records and want to preserve them for future generations? Let us help you.  We can read and/or write onto almost any media – including 2 or 4 track tape, cassette tape, DAT .. and more. We support all modern digital formats including WAV, FLAC, DSD, DSF.

Here’s how it works: You order the required amount of transfer time, send us your media or upload your song(s) and specify (call- or email us) the requested media or digital format.  We’ll convert and/or record the audio an notify you, if additional payment is required (e.g. for returning your media, sending you the final product, for blank tapes, cassette tapes ..) .

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1 review for Audio Conversion and Transfers

  1. Walter Frank

    Thanks for the great work converting and saving my old cassettes.

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