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Single special cut record, both sides with paper sleeve. We will contact you after your purchase to discuss details (mono / stereo / label …) . You may start UPLOAD  your audio now (via Packfrog). Processing time is between 7 and 14 days.  Lacquers are “dubs” and may have minor blemishes that will not impair your listening pleasure. Groove width can be standard (old format), micro-groove or combi-groove.

Our records are not intended for mechanical or heavy pickups or steel styli.


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We all know that vinyl records have that “special” something. It’s music you can hold in your hands. Hundreds of thousands of people are currently re-discovering the vinyl record as their medium of choice. Why not cut your very own record with your personal selection of songs? Wouldn’t it be fun to have a modern song in your vintage jukebox? Or maybe give a very special gift to that special someone? We can cut 78rpm (10 inch) or 45 rpm (7 inch) records for your vintage jukebox, we can cut long play records (33 1/3 rpm), we cut in Mono or in Stereo. All records come with Rollofone logo in a paper sleeve.



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10 Inch Lacquer Record, 10 Inch Vinyl Record, 12 Inch Vinyl Record, 7 Inch Vinyl Record


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