So – what the big deal with Master Quality Authenticated ?

MQA -Master Quality Authenticated – is a music encoding method that allows to combine high definition audio content with relatively small file sizes and downward compatibility. Without a decoder, the quality is around CD (Red Book, 16 bit/22Khz) but a decoder will make the “Hi-Def” available – sort of. Here’s what you need to know .. […]

Playing DSD files directly on Linux

A lot of people believe DSD to be the format of choice when it comes to real high quality audio. If the provenance is right (e.g. if it has been recorded directly to DSD) DSD will deliver an amazing sound experience (see the differences between digital audio formats) . If you are a Linux user, Read more about Playing DSD files directly on Linux[…]

Making Records: Part Two – Preparing And Pressing

Part 2 of this little backgrounder looks into the process of pressing records. In the previous part, I explained the creation of a master record by cutting the analog sound into grooves on a lacquer or various plastics plate. This freshly cut record can now be played on a record player. Or it can be Read more about Making Records: Part Two – Preparing And Pressing[…]

A Short Primer On Digital Audio

Though we are concentrating on old-fashioned analog audio. we’re well aware (and occasional use) digital technology to modify, enhance sound or read or write to digital media. We also know about those raging battles between the analog-only aficionados and digital proponents. Let’s give you a short overview from a neutral perspective. Audio / Sound is Read more about A Short Primer On Digital Audio[…]