Make It Stereo

We work with vintage music – unfortunately often in lowe(er) source quality and in Mono. However – with the right tools – one can create a somewhat “Stereo-fied” signal.

Glenn Miller’s signature “Moonlight Serenade” was composed by Miller himself while he studied musical composition under Joseph Schillinger. It was an immediate phenomenon when first released in May 1939.

We had access to the original metal masters and the “Moonlight Serenade” is of course part of our 5-record set “Swing For The Jukebox“.  Though some will call it “blasphemy” – we took the remastered version for our “Stereo-fy” project.

Now – some people know that with just a short delay (around 15ms or so) on one channel, you create the so called Haas effect. While that effect “tricks” your brain in imagining some additional dimension, it’s just an illusion and rather boring.

We wanted to create some … “enhanced” Stereo in a way that both channels carry different sound information. We wanted the listeners to be able to really differentiate instruments and therefore make it a somewhat more realistic Stereo.

Some people suggest to use the free audio editing software “audacity” and that’s fine. However – we decided to use our analog tool-chain – limiters, exciters, equalizer and mixers to subtract or  add specific frequency ranges to separate the instruments.

So – here’s what we’ve got:

The original MONO version


The modified STEREO version


The modified version took a number of different takes through our analog chain for each channel to get the differences just right. We wanted them to be noticeable but subtle. Not a lot of echo and reverb. Again – that was just some goofin’ around on a lazy afternoon in the studio. To find out what one can .. or can’t do.

Advanced computer technology would allow for even more “Stereo” effect. But we’re quite satisfied with what we achieved in just a few hours.





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